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To resolve this issue, change the guest OS type to Hyper-V.

Caution: Hyper-V functionality inside VMware Fusion is experimental and is unsupported.

To change the guest OS type to Hyper-V:

  1. Shut down the virtual machine.
  2. Click Virtual machine > Settings.
  3. Select General and change the guest OS type to Hyper-V (unsupported).
  4. Select Processors & Memory in the Settings.
  5. In the Advanced options of Processors & Memory, select Enable hypervisor applications in the virtual machine
  6. Reboot the virtual machine to enable Hyper-V.

Alternatively, you can edit the .vmx (virtual machine configuration) file of the Windows 8 virtual machine to override VMware Fusion's default virtual machine settings for running a hypervisor inside a virtual machine.

To edit the .vmx and override VMware Fusion settings:

  1. Shut down the Windows 8 virtual machine.
  2. Navigate to the location of your virtual machine bundle. For more information, see Locating the virtual machine bundle in VMware Fusion (1007599).
  3. Right-click the virtual machine bundle and select Show Package Contents.
  4. Locate the file ending with .vmx.
  5. Right-click the file and select Open With > TextEdit.
  6. Add this entry to the last line of the file:

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE”

  • Save and close the file, then start the virtual machine.

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