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 ===Modifying the DHCP settings=== ===Modifying the DHCP settings===
-To modify the default DHCP settings for the vmnet1 (Host-only) ​and vmnet8 (NAT) network adapters:+  * Shut down all virtual machines ​and quit Fusion.
-Shut down all virtual machines and quit Fusion. +VMware ​Fusion ​6.x Professional and Fusion 7.x Pro includes ​network editor that can be used to make the required changes
-Open a Terminal windowFor more information,​ see Opening ​command or shell prompt (1003892). +
-Run this command:+
-In Fusion 4.x and above:+To access the network editor:
-sudo nano /​Library/​Preferences/​VMwareFusion/​networking +  * Click VMware Fusion ​in the menu bar
- +  * Click Preferences
-In Fusion 3.x and earlier: +  * Click Network
- +  * Click the + sign located at the bottom right to add custom ​network ​connection.
-sudo nano /​Library/​Application\ Support/​VMware\ Fusion/​networking +
- +
-When prompted for a password, enter the administrator user's password+
- +
-Note: For security reasons, the password that you type is not displayedYou need not enter your password again for the next five minutes. +
- +
-Modify ​the NETMASK and SUBNET sections of the appropriate adapter(s), as required. +
-Press Ctrl X to exit. +
-When prompted, press Y to save. +
-In Fusion 4 and later, restarting Fusion restarts ​the networking service. In Fusion 3.x and earlier, run this command in Terminal ​to restart the script and to load the changes: +
- +
-sudo ./Macintosh HD/​Library/​Application\ Support/​ --restart +
-Note: When using 4.x and above, do not use the --restart command because it may result in unexpected behaviors. Instead, restart Fusion. +
- +
- +
-Note: VMware Fusion 6.x Professional and Fusion 7.x Pro includes ​a network ​editor that can be used to make the required changes +
- +
-To access the network editor:+
-Click VMware Fusion in the menu bar. +Source : [[​selfservice/​microsites/​​language=en_US&​cmd=displayKC&​externalId=1026510|vmware support]]
-Click Preferences. +
-Click Network. +
-Click the + sign located at the bottom right to add a custom network connection.+
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