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  • On the new drive create a folder named WSUS and a subfolder named WSUSContent
  • Launch a CMD window as an Administrator
CD to C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\
Type wsusutil.exe movecontent %content path% %logfile%
Example: wsusutil.exe movecontent f:\WSUS\WSUSContent f:\WSUS\wsus.log
In my case it took about 30 mins to move 60+GB.

Note that MOVECONTENT does not move it only copies, so you need to delete the originals if you want the space back (see steps 5-9 below!)

  • Rename your old content source to something like C:\WSUS\OLD-WsusContent
  • Start (or restart) the UPDATE SERVICES service
  • Start the UPDATE SERVICS
  • Make sure your WSUS Management Console and play around to confirm it is functional
  • OPTIONAL: Delete the original content folder that you renamed in step 5
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