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-Deploying Live Navigator Windows Agents 
-You can deploy Live Navigator agents through a network onto multiple agent using a software distribution and deployment tool such as Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO), SCCM, LANDesk, Altiris, etc. 
-To use such tool, you need to create an *.msi deployment file from the Live Navigator agent install program. Then you can use the deployment tool on your domain to deploy this *.msi file on all required agents. 
-Note When you configure your GPO for deployment, make sure you have the WMI 32 bit and 64 bit filters to deploy Live Navigator according to the operating system of your agent. 
-The procedure below lets you create a deployment file for the Live Navigator agents containing the following default installation and database directories:​ 
-■ The default installation directory: C:\Program Files\Atempo\Atempo Live Navigator\ 
-■ The default database directory: C:\HNDB\ 
-Note The only parameter that you will need to set later, either directly in the ALN.msi file or when deploying, is the name of the Live Navigator server that will protect the data on the agent, as there is no default value for this parameter. In addition you can also set the installation and database directory if the default value does not suit you. See “Deploying the Live Navigator Agents”, page 30. 
 Creating the Deployment File for the Live Navigator Agent Creating the Deployment File for the Live Navigator Agent
-1. Launch a command line interface on your server and navigate to the directory containing the setup.exe program of the Live Navigator agent. +  * setup.exe /a 
-Note Select the 64 or 32-bit setup according to your agent type. +  * select the target folder ​of the installation msi 
-2. Enter the following command: +  ​* ​open the file C:\Program Files\Atempo\Atempo Live Navigator\Ref\CfgServerHost.def 
-setup.exe /a +  * replace ​the line : <​servername>:<​encrypted port>:<​unencrypted port> 
-The flash screen ​of the setup program appears. +
-3. Click on Next. +
-4. In the Network Location window, enter the path where you want to create the Live Navigator deployment program. +
-5. Click on Install. The installation ​program ALN.msi and the directory program files are created in the specified directory. +
-6. Click on Finish to leave the installation program. +
-Setting the Server Name Variable in the Deployment file +
-The server name can be set either by editing the ALN.msi file or directly as a parameter of the command launching the deployment (see “Deploying the Live Navigator Agents”, page 30). To set the server name in the ALN.msi, proceed as follows: +
-Chapter 2 Installing Live Navigator 29 +
-Creating the Deployment File +
- +
-30 ASG-Live NavigatorTM Administration Guide +
-1. In the directory where you created the ALN.msi file, open the file C:\Program Files\Atempo\Atempo Live Navigator\Ref\CfgServerHost.def ​with a text editor. +
-2. Replace ​the existing ​line with the connection string of the Live Navigator server that will protect the data of your agents. +
-The server connection string is in the form: <​servername>:<​encrypted port>:<​unencrypted port>  See“Agent Ports and Proxy Configuration”,​ page 39, for details. +
-3. Save and close the file. +
-You can now use the ALN.msi file to deploy Live Navigator on your agents. They will +
-be protected by the Live Navigator server specified in the file CfgServerHost.def. Note You must place the ALN.msi file as well as the program files directory on +
-the domain server in order to be able to deploy using GPO. +
-Deploying the Live Navigator Agents +
-When deploying the ALN.msi file with a deployment tool, you can specify the following parameters:​ +
-Parameter +
-Description +
-Status +
-Live Navigator installation path. +
-Optional, the default value is +
-C:\Program Files\Atempo\ Live Navigator\ +
-Live Navigator database path. +
-Optional, the default value is +
-C:\HNDB\ +
-Connection string of the +
-Live Navigator Server where the agent data is going to be protected. The server connection string is in the form: <​servername>:<​encrypted port>:<​unencrypted port> See“Agent Ports and Proxy Configuration”,​ page 39 for details. +
-Mandatory, except if defined in CfgServerHost.def file as described in “Setting the Server Name Variable in the Deployment file”, page 29. +
-- /l* c:​\logfile.log +
-Creates a log file in c:​\logfile.log. +
-Optional +
- +
-Chapter 2 Installing Live Navigator 31 +
- +
-Parameter +
-Description +
-Status +
-- /i +
-Command to install the .msi file +
-Mandatory +
-- /qb +
-The setup only displays a small window with progression information. +
-Optional +
-- /qn +
-The setup is hidden. +
-Optional +
-For instance: +
-ALN.msi /qb /i INSTALLDIR="​c:​\Program Files\Atempo\testinstallaln"​ DATABASEDIR="​c:​\Program Files\Atempo\testinstallaln\database"​ SERVERNAME=ALNServer /l* c:​\temp\logfile.log +
-Retrieving a Server Name after Deployment +
-Once Live Navigator has been deployed and started on an agent, the agent retrieves the name of the server: +
-■ First in the file c:​\HNDB\CfgServerHost +
-■ If this file cannot be found, the agent will search the Registry under the following +
-key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\ATEMPO\HN\,​ key servername +
-■ If the name of the server is not in the registry, the agent searches for it in the file  C:\Program Files\Atempo\HSX\Ref\CfgServerHost.def+
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