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Update node failure on Sophos Utm

For example, a UTM running updates to before updating to Master is good, but not the slave.

  • First you need to unactive automatic update
  1. Log into the WebAdmin of your UTM and temporarily disable automatic updating:
  2. Browse to Management > Up2Date > Configuration.
  3. Set 'Firmware download interval' to Manual.
  • 1 – For Master node update : –
    • Log into the UTM via console or SSH as loginuser, then enter su to login as root.
  • Using the following commands remove the redundant packages from these locations:

$rm -rf /var/up2date/sys-install/*
$rm /var/up2date/sys/*
$rm /var/up2date/.queue/*
$cd /var/up2date/sys

  • Download the correct update file available from the download server

You need to go to astaro site for search the version you need.

Then download it :

$cd /var/up2date/sys
## is the master needed to update, do :
## and wait for it

  • – End of master node update –1
  • 2 – For the slave update, you need to connect to the slave node:

The default connexion is (M) for master like this on example :

$<M> proxy320:/home/login >

If this is the slave who need to be updated, connect to the slave node like this :

$<M> proxy320:/home/login > hs
Current mode: CLUSTER MASTER with id 1 in state ACTIVE
-- Nodes -----------------------------------------------------------------------
MASTER: 1 node1 9.210020 ACTIVE since Sat Jan 24 17:40:43 2015
SLAVE: 2 Node2 9.210020 UP2DATE since Thu Jan 29 13:03:58 2015

So, send the file downloaded to the slave node :

$cd /var/up2date/sys
scp u2d-sys-9.xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx.tgz.gpg loginuser@

After that, connect to the slave node :

$<M> proxy320:/home/login > ssh loginuser@
$<S> loginuser@proxy320:/home/login > su
## same as master, clean up update directory
$rm -rf /var/up2date/sys-install/*
$rm /var/up2date/sys/*
$rm /var/up2date/.queue/*
##move the file to the good location
$mv /home/login/u2d-sys-9.xxxxxx-xxxxxx.tgz.gpg /var/up2date/sys
$cd /var/up2date/sys
## update to the version

  • – End of slave node update –2
  • At last, reactive automatic update.

Source : Sophos utm community

- created date : 2017.06.30 -

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