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Here a little note “how to use BORG v1.1.3”

Init a backup :

$borg init --encryption=repokey-blake2 /mnt/backup

Create a backup :

$borg create -v -s -p --stats /mnt/backup::"name of backup" ~/documents_to_save

Next Backup :

$borg create -v -s -p --stats /mnt/backup::"name of backup" ~/documents_to_save

List backup :

$borg list /mnt/backup

List content of a backup :

$borg list /mnt/backup::"name of backup"

Restore a backup :

$cd /your_directory_you_want

$borg extract /mnt/backup::"name of backup"

Prune :

in this example : keep backups of 2 per days, 2 per weeks, 1 per month, 1 per year.

$borg prune -v -s --keep-within=2d --keep-weekly=2 --keep-monthly=-1 --keep-yearly=-1 /mnt/backup

Delete a backup and free space :

$borg delete /mnt/backup::"name of backup"

Check archive :

$borg check -v /mnt/backup

Check and repair :

$borg check -v --repair /mnt/backup

Official documentation : BORG

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